The Typical Apologies

Aw, I was doing so well at the beginning there… but I won't let this fall apart!

Critique is tomorrow and tonight was the first time in awhile I felt really good about painting something. I don't have my camera in the studio right now but I will bring it tomorrow and you can see what I've been working on.

Otherwise, here is a draft of the artist's statement you've been waiting for:

Joey Hartmann-Dow

What is the difference between art and activism?  This has been my greatest struggle as an artist.  Art has the power to affect our minds, if we know how to use it.  I am one human out of 6,967,989,649 and we all want things, we’re all hungry, emotional and mortal.  We’re all held up by this one big planet, and she’s been patient and shrinking.  We’re all animals.  My art is a conversation.  It’s talking with you about relationships in biology, anthropology, destruction and sustainability.  It’s talking about sense and hope, without the intention of guilt or failure.  It’s an extension of the capacity to endure.  My purpose is to plant a seed, and I don’t need to hear your response—I just need you to have one.

With that, good night friends! Look forward to more frequent posts, I mean it.

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