Terra Exspira at Repair the World

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This week I have a show opening at Repair the World and it's all new work and you should come!

us and we art terra exspira
Terra Exspira 

As humans push each other between our desires to sustain and protect our home, and our desires to keep the comforts of consumerism in our increasingly complicated lives, we are watched by the ghosts of a patient earth. What does the battle look like to the land, water, and creatures that hold us up?

Artist Joey Hartmann-Dow (Us & We Art) brings these Earth Haunts into our own space, asking us how we would act differently if we were being watched by the rivers and forests instead of Google and Facebook. Terra Exspira gives breath to the forgotten witnesses to our actions.

The opening reception is 6-8pm on Friday, June 26, at Repair the World 4029 Market St., Philadelphia. The show will run through September.


Things are Happening

[My blog has moved right into my website, at]

Some cool things that are happening soon and also I am involved:

Coda • 1712 Walnut St, Philadelphia • Thursday 5/28 • 8 PM

I am one of 9 artists showing at this event which is a night of live music, art, and fashion in downtown Philadelphia. You can get tickets from me for $15 (or $20 at the door). And to encourage you to come to this FUN FUN FUN thing, if you buy any print this week you will get a free ticket!! (Unfortunately the event is limited to 21+)

Philly Trans* Health Conference
Convention Center • 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia • 6/4 - 6/6 • 8 PM

I am excited to be a part of PTHC where I will have coloring books and lots of wonderful genderless creatures available for sale. Come visit, the event is free! (But registration is encouraged)

Philadelphia VegFest
Headhouse Square • 2nd & South Sts, Philadelphia • 6/6 • 11 AM - 4 PM

I have a table at Philly VegFest where I will have cute veg-themed prints and cards, AND I will be face painting (!) It's free so come visit because YUM.

Independent Rock Open House
Independent Rock • 38 Jackson St, 2nd Fl. Philadelphia • 6/6 • 10 AM -7 PM

I have a couple pieces in this group show at the Independent Rock School!



Maps for Earthmates!

Thank you so much everyone who came out to the opening reception on Thursday! 

Here's what Philly Weekly said:

"The unique "map creatures" of Us & We Art, aka West Philly artist Joey Hartmann-Dow, [is] the spotlight of Maps for Earthmates, an art exhibition at Locust Moon. Hartmann-Dow's work is created directly onto maps, offering viewers a new way to look at the world and humans' place in it."   

**REQUEST** Please take photos! AND please tag Us & We Art on respective social media
facebook (Us and We Art) • instagram (@usandweart) • twitter (@usandwe_art)
and/or Thank you!

If you missed the opening stop by this Friday (First Friday!) March 6, I'll be there from 5-8!
Or stop by any time the gallery is open through March 26.

Locust Moon Hours:
Monday-Friday, 12pm - 8pm • Saturday 11am - 9pm • Sunday 11am - 7pm
Located at 34 S. 40th St. Philadelphia, PA.


Some map things you'll see at the "Maps for Earthmates" Show

I'm excited to have made some new work for this show, I'd love to share it with you! Please come to the opening on Thursday 2/26, 7-10pm at Locust Moon Comics (34 S. 40th St, Philadelphia) !

"Pull Me Out"

"The Connection"



Upcoming Show @ Locust Moon

Please join the event on Facebook and share so that everybody comes to my showww. Thanks.

Press Release:

Local West Philly artist Joey Hartmann-Dow (working under the name Us & We Art) brings her signature map creatures to Locust Moon for a solo show "Maps for Earthmates", opening February 26. 

As seen at Go West! Craft Fest and occasional First Fridays in Old City, the artist paints and draws directly on maps, making creatures out of the borders of land and water. In her artist’s statement she asks: “Can we see that land as a moving, breathing creature, worthy of love and care? How would we treat the earth differently?” The work invites viewers to look at the features of our planet in a new light—as living things with hearts and souls.

The opening reception for Maps for Earthmates is 7pm to 10pm on Thursday, February 26 at Locust Moon Gallery. The work will be up through March 28, and digital art prints will be available for sale throughout the show.

Locust Moon Comics is a retail store, art gallery, and publishing company based in West Philadelphia. The store and gallery are open Monday through Friday, from 12pm to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 9pm, and Sunday 11am to 7pm, and is located at 34 S. 40th St, 

For more details, visit or


Back to Maps

The Coloring Book was sooo much fun, and I am getting more printed. And now I am back to painting and drawing on maps! Which feels so good. And I also feel like making all the ink drawings in between painting maps was important and has affected my new work. Check it out!

P.S. I have a show coming up in Philly! Save the date: opening reception 7-10 pm 2/26


"We Float"
"Teach me to swim"


What Happened with the Coloring Book


In case you were wondering how it all went down, this is a transparent account of what happened:

• I created a coloring book from 30 drawings I made of genderless, raceless creatures, feeling their feelings.

• I launched an Indiegogo campaign to help me pay to print the books.

• Each book cost about $8.30, which doesn't include packing/shipping etc., so I needed a boost to get going. ...Although I won't actually get the money from the campaign for a couple weeks, I wanted to make sure I would at least break even on the project.

People ordered 58 books !! Today at the Go West Craft Fest, I sold 21 books, and I had left 6 in Bethlehem, which people bought from my parents pretty quickly. I had ordered 100 books, so the day before my campaign ends, I have 15 books left. #math

This is so cool. It feels so amazing that people are so into it, and I'm going to get more printed.

• Oh, this means you probably can't order any more for Christmas/Winter holidays this year... but you can for January 2015.

I love you all! Thank you for your support.