HAPPY NEW YEAR ft. Nicholas Di Genova

I've been back in Rochester for almost 2 weeks now, and started classes a week ago but it feels like it's already been a month… No concept of time.

Don't worry, I went back to living in Sage pretty much right away, but unfortunately don't have nearly enough to show for it. I will post new work soon. TODAY I had my Review for senior seminar, which means that 2 very scary art professors critiqued my work for about an hour. Actually it turned out I got the nicest ladies on the planet but still got some great feedback, and I'm feeling motivated.

Otherwise, in addition to finishing Senior Sem, which is just for art majors, I'm taking Intro Environmental Science and Environmental Justice, which is a philosophy class.  I'm feeling very lucky to have the opportunity to only take 3 courses this semester because I have enough credits to graduate but it means that I'm going to treat art as TWO courses, and work my tush off. Yup.

Anyway, here is Nicholas Di Genova's work. He's done a bunch of badass chimeras, and, well you can see for yourself:

Again, like Tommy Kane, so much detail I wanna die, and sooo intriguing. I love how mechanical the toad is, but how ALIVE the tentacles are.. Today during my review I was asked why so many of my pieces have blank, white backgrounds, and I said "I don't know !" and I really don't… I guess it just appeals to me. There must be some intense psychological reason. Anyway, I like these a lot.

Image with permission from Nicholas Di Genova.

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