Biggering the Cup ft. Zan Lombardo

Have you ever seen a 30 ft watercolor of unconditional love?

(Oh are you talking about Zan Lombardo's work? is probably your response...)

I feel lucky in a lot of ways, as far as the way my life has come together over the past 21 years, but one aspect of my life that I'm particularly grateful for is the wonderful humans I get to meet.  Being raised a Quaker and growing up with a connection to the Young Friends community in my high school years is such a gift.
I just listened to a recording of Zan's lecture at Pendle Hill (from May 2011) and it is such an inspiration. It feels especially relevant to me now, as I pretend to grasp the fact that it's March now, and this significant phase of my life called college is wrapping up in a matter of short months.  Zan, you are so cool.  Thank you for paving the way for other humans to make things, to ask questions, and walk whatever spiritual path we find.

I wish you could see this thing for real, or at least a bigger image, just remember it's HUGE.

Here is the poem she wrote that goes with her painting:

Everything is, Indeed, Reaching Out to Everything Else

An arc of arms are reaching out from distant
Suns whose gestures stir the life of seeds.
To be here, now, requires our hearts to listen,
Watch, and know that Light fulfills our needs.

When gripped by stagnant vines of fear, relief
Springs from the pulsing center of our chests.
False boundaries dissolve in prayer; peace weaves
The seeming chaos into something blessed.

Stay rooted. Stand witness. Be upholding.
Guidance from great Mother Oak whose limbs will
Move us to join the sacred dance, singing
Aloud that work is love made visible.

Roused by poetic muse of rainbow voice,
What stirs us also presses us against
The tide of thick embranglement of choice
In which our spirits rise and fall, unfenced.

One truth: that drawn by gravity and awe
The world is in relationship with all.

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