Countries Anonymous

Oh you thought I was done !!

The truth is, I have another show with all new work opening on Friday. That's this Friday. What I'm trying to say is 5 days from now.

Three other studio art majors are renting out a great space at the Hungerford Building to fill with our creations and the opening HAPPENS to coincide with First Friday, so all sorts of other awesome arty things will be waiting for your eyes to enjoy them in the same place (it's not a coincidence, we cleverly planned it that way).

So come check it out!

Even though we are renting the same space, the four of us have each have solo shows and I can tell you right now that they are all really great.  My show is called Countries Anonymous (wonder what the heck that means? You'll have to come on Friday...)

The reception starts at 6 PM, Friday May 4, 2012, and goes to about 10 PM.

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