Back in Action

Not that I was ever out of action-- this summer was a blur.

Camp was jam-packed with activity, emotion, awakenings and a minor head injury. Feeling awake and alive and ready, for something.

What's next ! I got to be in Bethlehem for a couple days, then scooted over to NYC for a minute which was completely overwhelming and now I'm en route to Burlington, VT to see my best friends and I'll end up living on a farm with some other friends for an undetermined number of weeks.

Otherwise, during the tiny scrap of time I was home I managed to put up a version of Countries Anonymous at Moravian Academy Upper School, as an exhibit featuring an alum artist (me), which was great because I got to get back into my artist mind and body, and also got to catch up with my high school art teacher.

So if you're in the MA community, check it out! It'll be up until September 21.

Me and my studio assistant setting up Countries Anonymous at MA

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