FREE SHIPPING on prints!

Buy prints !! Shipping is FREE if you use this link before midnight tomorrow (Sunday).

You have all of today and tomorrow to figure out which ones you want to buy-- isn't that great??

I'm going to work on making greeting cards available too, in case you're all "well, I like these, but I'd only want it as a greeting card." Then those are for you.


  1. Have you seen the site where you send a kids drawing and they turn it into a stuffed animal? Would love the green guy to be one. Or even just printed on a throw pillow. :)

  2. hey sam, i just saw this. i would love to make my creatures into huggable creatures! we'll see if that happens as it seems time-consuming. also, a bunch of drawings ARE now available on throw pillows through society6 :)

    ..if there's a specific one you want, i'd be happy to format it for you