greg elliott

Have you met greg?

You probably have.

WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW that he is a shining star-- which sounds special but if you really talk to him he'll tell you all about how we all come from stars anyway which is pretty far out, but the point is, he is special and most people know that he's great but in case you don't, I'll just tell you: he is.

Not only that, but he has some incredible things to say that will make you believe and question and wake up, jump up and get in there.

So if you are a person or an organization or anything and you want to open your mind/s to a conversation about the universe, love, power, and getting away from empire, he's your man.

Well, he's my man.

But you can ask him to lead a workshop on inspiring, mind-blowing things and he will say YES, I will do that and it will be great. In fact, you should. Email him.

Much love.

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