I had a half-message in Meeting on Sunday that I did not give, but here you can have it now.

I'm struggling and hurting and seeing the Earth running. She's big, she's really big, and she's full-on sprinting, now. You know when you're running very fast and you start to stumble-- and you either catch yourself or you fall hard. It's that moment. I'm waiting to see if she balances out or crashes down.

The other day greg was on the internet trying to find a good pair of hemp vegan hiking boots (who isn't?) and the kind he wants isn't being made anymore. There's a similar kind that would work but it doesn't have the ankle support. He said "do I really need the ankle support?" and I said, well how's your ankle, since he sprained it awhile ago. And he said "well they say after you break your ankle it's stronger."

I wonder if we don't manage to balance out, which let's face it, seems pretty unlikely, sure we would fall hard, and it would hurt... But I wonder if we could get back up, and I wonder if we would be stronger. I know it would take awhile, and it may not be the same earth, but hey. HEY. That's just what I'm seeing.

Good luck, us.

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