Things are changing

2013 is gonna be crazy. Here's why:

• the world will be different / hotter / colder / stormier / more populated / have different people on it / etc.

• in five months i will embark on my journey across the united states of america on my bicycle with my best friend lily morgan

• five months, are you serious??

• i'll be helping greg change the world in a good way with his shake loose the empire project

• i'll be changing the world in a good way SOMEHOW with artspiration

• artspiration as in inspiring art, not sweaty art

• etc.

things you can specifically look forward to in my tiny world:

• this blog changing a bit

• my book coming out in january

• my work in the form of jewelry/body art

• etc.

also, if you have any ideas on how to stay positive in dark times, please share.

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