InVenture, Summer 2013

It's officially Spring now, so here's what I'm doing this summer:
My friends and I are bicycling across the continent
from Bar Harbor, ME to Seattle, WA,
starting June 5,
ending when we're done.

The three of us call this trip InVenture. 
We've agreed on taking off without pretending we have any kind of answers, 
but tons and tons of questions, aimed outward and inward. 
But InVenture sounds better than OutVenture.

Gosh, joey, that's pretty bad-ass.
Yes, yes it is.

Are you ready?

The only way in which I'm ready is feeling open to changing more than I can imagine,
and embarking with the resolution to live as closely to my self as I can manage.

I wrote out a statement a couple weeks ago, and I might as well 
put it on the internet so I can't back down, right?

Actually it's kind of long and super personal, so I'll just give you the summary.

My goals for InVenture 2013:

Stand up to injustice, instead of running away
Live as a radical spiritual badass
Recognize my privilege, while doing something important
Take care of myself
Love, Love, Love

That's pretty much it.

ALSO-- if you think I'm gonna go 5 months-ish without making any art, 
you're crazy. So watch out for the InVenture art project, details coming soon..

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