First moments in Seattle

INSANITY: I have been living in Seattle for a little more than a month now.  The weather so far has actually been gorgeous so I'm preparing to be very disappointed.

I have two shows coming up and I am excited about both of them; 

The first is called Pancakes & Booze-- which is a raging underground art show that started in L.A. but now takes place in major cities across the country. All you can eat pancakes and rad art? Yes please. I will have three pieces showing there next weekend, 9/28.

Rochester friends: I have the feeling it will be something like ArtAwake. ...I intend to post pictures but am sorely missing my camera! Please forgive me for phone pics.
The second is a solo show at Revolution Books in Pioneer Square, with an opening reception on First Thursday as part of the Art Walk. It's called MAPS FOR SOME US and will be featuring some classic map creature action.

And you're right-- I didn't haul any artwork with me on my bike this summer (except my sketchbook) so I am making ALL NEW WORK for these ! Which is awesome. I just hope it doesn't all get wet. Seattle joke! (It rains here.)


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