Dear Women Illustrators,

Last night I was talking to a friend about direction (mostly complaining about the unfairness and insanity that is student loans) when I mentioned that I basically want to be Dr. Seuss when I grow up.... and it made me try to think of a female illustrator who influences me.

Then I just tried to think of a famous female illustrator.


I couldn't think of ONE off the top of my head. Eventually I thought of Beatrix Potter. That's it.

Where are the women illustrators? I know we're out there, I know we've even been around for a bit. And I haven't studied the history of illustration or anything, but just the fact that probably most people who haven't studied the history of illustration (i.e. most people) can hardly think of one female illustrator is disconcerting.

By the way, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Maurice Sendak are three very well-known illustrators whose work I like, because it's weird and playful, and often carries a message for humans. Great job guys. (Guys) (.....White Guys) (WHOOPS.)

This is definitely not only an issue in the field of illustration.  Influential women are missing from a lot of areas and it's RIDICULOUS!! Seriously! It's 2013, and making babies is no longer an excuse to drop your awesome woman dreams, no matter what the Man says. And if your awesome woman dream is to make babies, that's fine too if that's your thing, maybe you are working on making a really awesome baby who will grow into a super-influential woman artist. But I know that it is not our collective woman job, and we are awesome at a lot of stuff.

So, Women Illustrators and Graphic Artists! Women Carpenters! Women Scientists! Women U.S. Presidents! Come on out! Let our gorgeous creative light shine, and let's get to it.

Love you.




  1. Patricia Polacco comes to mind. Also Helen Oxenbury. And a few more on the TIP of my brain, but who aren't coming right now. But of course you make a good point, there are many capable women, in many fields, let's get to know them. Boethia (PS. I think Shel Silverstein was black)

    1. Thanks Boethia! I'm glad to have some names to look up. I just wish there were some female names that are AS well known as the "great illustrators" (all male). (P.S. Shel Silverstein was white, he was Jewish!)

  2. Laura Carlin, Maira Kalman, Tove Jansson, Sara Fanelli, Rosemary Wells....just to name a few!

    1. Thanks suzi! I will definitely look them up :)