Joey's Epic Roadtrip Sale

Hey Friends-- I am so lucky to be able to travel around with my canine friend for 2 weeks, visiting people I love and creating stories along the way. ISN'T THAT GREAT??
To celebrate how rad this is, I'm having an Epic Roadtrip Sale in my online shop. You get super affordable rad prints and cards, and I get some help paying for gas and food and stuff. Everybody wins.
I'm planning on stopping in:
Rochester, NY  •  Ithaca, NY  •  Berlin, CT  •  Somerville, MA  •  Tamworth, NH 
If you are in one of these great places and would like me to deliver something, please let me know so I can be sure to bring it!
Thanks so much, starshines. Check the facebook during the "tour" for pics of me and the pup, and anything ridiculous we might see.
P.S. EVERYTHING is on sale-- two cards for $6?? I'm crazy. Buy everything before I realize it.
P.P.S. EVERYTHING is flat-rate $2.00 shipping. Buy everything.

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