Anna Garforth: Master of Moss etc.

 Anna Garforth is the first big "Green Street Art"ist I've heard of, and this is pretty cool right, my hippie friends?  She plays with font/type to use literal messages in text while also conveying figurative messages, like "Look I made something sweet without creating ridiculous waste." I'm definitely digging the use of text, which is hard to do well.  The moss pieces are beautiful but she's also made text out of trash, food and leaves.  Re-using stuff and integrating nature aren't her only media though. She's got some stellar 2-D paper work of which I'm a huge fan:

 How cool are these?? I love hybrid work, and the mix of confusing size with skeletons is really doing it for me here.  Plus I get a great "We are all connected/weirdos" vibe from it.

Garforth has had shows all over the world and it's pretty cool to see her work in different settings.  Check out her website.

images with permission from Anna Garforth

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