U of R Senior Art Majors had the honor of filling the space of the AS IS Gallery in the Sage Art Center this week, and the opening reception (featuring delicious sandwiches from Open Face) was Thursday from 5-7 in the Gallery.

The title of the show was GROWNUPS. That's us, by the way. There are 7 in the class-- quite a diverse group, and I like everyone so it's pretty great. Not that'd I'd even say otherwise (although it is true..) because we all have to keep blogs for the class. Everyone has different blog sites, but you can check out the links on the right from the main blog:

So to be honest this show came up really quickly and if anything I think it's going to be a great looking-back point when we reach the end of the year-- even the end of the semester. I know that a lot of us, myself included, are still in the what is going on? phase.

Above is a shot from the reception, featuring Sam's video project about ideas in the future. The dino in that shot is being maneuvered by yours truly. We rehearsed for days.

So I'm not sure if this kind of thing is going to happen again, that the 7 of us will be responsible for filling up those walls, but I hope if it does by that point we'll really have our heads in the game and pull it together more smoothly. I feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark right now. In that way I suppose the title of the show is entirely fitting. Ha.

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