Words Without Pictures (try to stay awake)

I suppose this Rochester rain isn't entirely unwelcome after such a bout of strange and glorious summery October. Something about it right now vividly brings me back to a fall run I took in the Freiburg hills, about a year ago. Amidst farmland and apple trees, no one around, just a little bit rainy.

That's enough poetic-ness, certainly. I'm sitting in Sage (Art Building) listening to what I just realized are the tormenting whistles of football practice from Fauver Stadium, where my significant other no doubt soaks at this moment. (Sorry, I guess you can't stop the poetic-ness anyway)

I don't have my camera to upload photos right now, but stay tuned for the recount of my weekend in Burlington, Vermont, AKA the cutest little city ever, including some artsy shots from apple-picking, and a gallery sighting downtown !

PLUS coming soon-- an Artist's Statement (!!!) I know, stay in your seat though, it's coming...

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