Artist's Row featuring The River is Everywhere

Rochester's 2011 Artist's Row at the Public Market (Sunday, September 18) featured a wide variety of crafts and talents, including a large selection of various jewelry in addition to painting, prints, greeting cards, ceramics and other wares.

Standing out was artist Sam LeBeau's table of original eccentric jewelry-- under the name "The River is Everywhere." Le Beau uses vintage items as well as her own creations to make pendants, earrings, plugs, rings, and other accessories which are, to say the least, pretty dang fly.

A senior at Brockport, the artist started turning her hobby into a business two and a half years ago when she realized she could actually make some money off of it.  She was met with huge success-- some of her most popular items are plugs for stretched ears, which she doesn't even have, but soon realized they're super popular, and totally make sense with her style.

The concept of recycling and "upcycling" items into accessories is certainly catching on in fashion, with things like bracelets made from celebrities' guitar strings and small bags made from candy wrappers having been around for awhile, more and more people are taking advantage of the simplicity of the idea.

One of the great things about local artists like Sam and The River is Everywhere is being able to get custom items.  She says it's not uncommon to get requests from women who want her style worked into their bridal parties.  One of her signature visuals that caught my eye is her unique octopus decal, available in rings and different sizes of necklaces.

What inspires me about this operation is not only that Sam is a student my age, she's really making this stuff because it's what she loves to do.

You can get your own fly accessories from Sam's shop here:

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