Face 2 Face: JR in the World

JR is a French street artist putting social art in your face (or your face in social art, as it were… read on).

The artist, who remains anonymous, pastes big paper portraits on walls and houses in cities all over the world to create a dialogue (or a multilogue-- which I'm pretty sure should be a word) about conflict.

All of his projects are great but Face 2 Face is the bold materialization of questioning the Middle East conflict.  In 2007, JR went with his friend Marco to challenge the possibility of his project in a dangerous and illegal public exhibition of photos.  They posted portraits of Palestinians and Israelis who had the same jobs in their respective communities, making faces, displayed next to each other on both sides of the Security Fence/Separation Wall.

Another phenomenal piece is Women, which uses the images of women in Africa to share their stories and connect them directly to the media.

If you have time to be totally inspired, watch JR's TED talk which goes into greater depth about his projects:

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