Life in 2012-- and Tommy Kane

I would just like to share with everyone that because I was born in 1990, the last digit of the current year generally matches up with my age, so it's really easy for me to figure out how old I am based on the year. It's not as convenient as if I was born in 2000, but what I'm trying to say is, I'm going to turn 22 in 3 months.  …I wouldn't want to be born in 2000 anyway.

MORE IMPORTANTLY-- there is this artist named Tommy Kane and I am infatuated with his illustrations right now.  I love this kind of style, and his use of text is fantastic-- in this particular image he's talking about his relationship with his art in that moment-- so personal and nonchalant. Love it.

I have looked at every image on his site-- PLEASE check out the News Events, at least.

I have to admit, I would never have the patience to draw like he does, it would take about 8 years per drawing for some of them. The detail is insane! And it sounds like such an experience to draw places and objects from life, with people stopping to look and talk to him, and getting to travel all over the place… So much more interesting than photographs. Yes.

Image with permission from Tommy Kane.

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