It's Dot Com

Wellllllll I have a real website I guess (confidence is key). I got all "creative" with the URL too-- you can't stop us artsy types.

Nothing special! They say simplicity is the way to go with artist's websites (woohoo!) but uh, then they all kind of look the same. Hmm. Anyway we'll see. If you think I'm gonna waste my time changing it every other day until I'm even remotely satisfied for all of 30 seconds, you are completely right. I can't believe how much time I've already spent on it, and you know what? I'll never be happy with it. Huzzah! I'm in it for the WHOLE YEAR now so what the heck.

In other news today is my mother's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! And I didn't even make her any art. But I did spend several hours cleaning out her new reading room, and we're gonna need something nice for those walls, so nobody freak out or anything. Just relax.

I'm really enjoying break so far.

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