Springtime in Boston

Spring Break ! (is over??)

I was lucky enough to swing by (ha) Massachusetts on my way (….) home, and got to visit with my wonderful cousins and a couple other friends, and traipse around Boston for a day.  I'd never been ! Guess what, it's pretty grand!

I was impressed with the MFA where I was pleased with myself in recognizing the work of several artists (I guess I am getting an art education). We also checked out the Mapperium, which if you haven't heard of, it is PRETTY COOL-- a big stained glass globe of the world around 1934. It's incredible how much has changed-- especially Africa. Shout out to my girl Lily in Tanzania this semester.

Secret Mapparium Pic

Modern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

It was so good to be home and relax for this short time, but I'll be going into get-it-done mode when I get back to school… 2 and a half weeks until my show Op/Ed opens (!!!) 7 weeks until the group show at the Hungerford opens, and 9 weeks until graduation…

How's that sound?

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