My first solo exhibition, Op/Ed opens tomorrow-- excited??

I've been making things and not sleeping very much in preparation for the show, so you should probably come check it out if you are in Rochester, NY.

The gallery is in the Art & Music Library on the first floor of Rush Rhees, and the show will be up until April 9th.

The reception is on Thursday April 5, from 5 - 7 PM and it should be a blast so at least come to that.  See you there.

Meat consumption in the United States has reached approximately 200 pounds of meat per person per year.  Despite comprising such a significant part of our diets, U.S. Americans seem relatively unconcerned with the process behind meat production.  The images of the animals and farms we grew up picturing are semi-fantastical illustrations of a much more disturbing reality.

Many consumers are vaguely aware of factory farms, industrial agriculture and the unfathomable distance from farm to table; the information isn’t new.  What does it take to (dis)associate ourselves with the practices related to our food (or to keep from associating in the first place)? 

Op/Ed speaks to the distortion of information in the media alongside the distortion of information surrounding our food sources and production.  It calls on humans to act on our ability to question food, as we disregard our ability to harvest or kill food for ourselves.  Can we put our lifestyles, our food, and our priorities in context?

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