Last moments in Seattle

Today I smushed Spaceghost into a cardboard box, packed up my art, said goodbye to my beloved nanny-family, and thought very hard about maybe packing up my worldly possessions to bring back to the east coast with me.

(Spaceghost is my bike, by the way.)

On Friday morning I will leave Seattle, and 140 megawatts and 5 hours later land in sunny Philadelphia.

Hey-- the internet just told me that the energy my flight will consume is equivalent to the energy a typical home will consume during the next 61 years. Pretty cool that I didn't need all that fuel to get here in the first place! ...But yeah, a bummer about all that carbon. I find it hard to believe that the $11 I spent on carbon offsets offered by can actually tackle all that.

It is definitely a little bittersweet leaving this temporary home, but I am very ready to be with my families back east. Thanks for everything Seattle, I have felt very lucky, and it has been super real.


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