To Sum Up

Whoops, forgot to post ANYTHING upon returning to the East Coast. Anyway, here is a review of my tiny life as a human/artist in 2013.

• I published Belly-Belly and hosted a wildly successful Book Release/Art Party for it.
• I made art! And showed at a couple events/venues in the early year
• Many thanks to my former assistant and wonderful supporter/partner at the time
• One significant relationship ended as I knew it, and I moved from Philadelphia to Bethlehem, PA
• I biked across the country for 66 days, and kept a sketchbook of daily drawings of the journey
• Landing in Seattle in August, I decided to stay there for 3.5 months, making art and working for a wonderful family as a nanny
• I was very lucky to show work at Revolution Books Seattle, and made all new work for a show there (Maps for Some of Us)
• I tackled some recurring health issues
• I flew back to Pennsylvania in a mere 5 hours, moving home on November 29.
• I felt very grateful to spend a lot of time with my best friend and both our families :)

Looking forward:

• I am participating in a very intriguing social art project in 2014 (more on that soon)

• I will be leading a workshop on Simplicity at the Young Adult Friends Gathering this weekend

• I hope to bring storytelling into a more significant role in my life

• I plan to use my time at home with my loved ones to focus on all kinds of healing

Thank you everyone who has been present to me this year. I love you!


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  1. I enjoyed your showing at Revolution Books very much, human/artist! Hope things are good back East. Zeke Smith